Chances for EP approval

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Chances for EP approval

Post by Anonymousjane » Tue, 25 Sep 2018 2:10 pm

Hi All,

Just needed some advice...

I am a Malaysian working here for sometime. Currently on my second job in SG with a local MNC. Current salary is almost the bare minimum required for EP approval, and I am a degree holder. 3 weeks ago, I tendered my resignation due to work stress.

Nevertheless, I was intending to get a new job here as my husband also lives here. DP is not an option.

I managed to find a job the day I resigned. However, the company, being unexperienced in applying for EP, took two weeks to submit my app. Hence, I am now left with 1 week before my current EP is cancelled, while my new EP app is pending. Previously my 1st EP was approved in less than 5 days and second EP in 2 days (mid last year). However, seems like the TAT has increased since last year.

I am quite scared now if the application gets rejected or takes >30days. I really need to be here as my hubby's job is here and we are of different nationalities, making it tougher for us to consider anywhere else...

The new company is a small firm of <10 people in Sg.
They used a 3rd party agency to apply for my EP as they did not know how to do it.
I am the first foreigner to join the company here in Sg.
The salary offered is just a tad higher (5%+/-). Though to be honest I have only been in the current MNC for a year.
What scares me is that they really seemed to have no idea on how an EP works..

Moving from a MNC to a super small firm, does that affect EP approval?
Once my current EP is cancelled, does it affect any pending EP application?

My PR application has also been pending for close to 7 months now :'(

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