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How to choose between LTVP and EP with SC spouse

Posted: Sun, 23 Sep 2018 11:06 am
by sonoftexas
I'm going to be marrying a SC, and let's say I'll be the one moving to Singapore. At first I thought I was in trouble, because I thought I would only have 90 days of my tourist visa to find a job. Then I learned that I can apply for some pre-LTVP thing before marriage and get a LTVP fast, which will give me a whole year to find a job, should it take that long!

First, do companies (engineering related) even want to bother with the whole Letter of Consent thing? Or would they rather hire someone with an employment pass, and I'm at a disadvantage?

Second, wouldn't my wife have to remain employed to guarantee my stay in the country? Or am I eligible to stay if I find my own job on the LOC because I can support myself now?

Thanks for any advice.

Re: How to choose between LTVP and EP with SC spouse

Posted: Mon, 24 Sep 2018 9:55 am
by sundaymorningstaple
Firstly. Generally, probably not, (and this will answer your second as well) because the LOC is tied to your marriage - so as long as that lasts you should be okay. While your spouse needs to be able to show support, it would not be a problem until you had to renew the LoC (annually) provided she was working and earning enough to show ICA that she could support you if not working.

The LOC can only be renewed as long as the spouse can show they can provide support (in case the LOC holder loses his job). If you can find a job on your own, you will be issued with an Employment Pass of one sort or another (different levels, e.g., EP or S pass and/or Work Permit (you would not be eligible for a Work Permit anyway so don't worry about that one). You would be looking primarily for an EP.

Engineering companies would depend, I think, on the positions applied for. As an engineer, they would almost assuredly apply for an EP or S pass as they would want to ensure the downside risk of you having to leave is solely in their hands and not some other employer of your wife holding the keys to the vehicle. I would never even suggest to an employer the possibility of a LOC unless it was a company you saw a future in (e.g., startup) and really wanted to get into (but as soon as you mention the LOC, your salary level or perks will drop some as the employer will know that you have other means of support (theoretically) due to the requirements of the LoC.

Getting the LTVP does, however, buy you time to not accept the first job in order to just get a job but will allow you some flexibility to maybe get something with some permanence or future.

For the record, you cannot get and LoC. The LoC is job specific just like the work passe. The potential employer is the applicant on your behalf. The LoC or EP or S pass will have to be canceled as soon as that job is terminated and a new one has to be applied for the next company (and just because you got it the first time, doesn't mean it will be granted the next time and both the employer and the employee have to be vetted).

Good luck.

Re: How to choose between LTVP and EP with SC spouse

Posted: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 7:41 am
by sonoftexas
Thanks for the reply. According to the MOM's assessment tool, I'm likely to obtain at least an S pass, so I got that going for me. Looking at another thread on this site, I can apply for the EP before cancelling the LTVP, correct? That's the only risk I was worried about.

Re: How to choose between LTVP and EP with SC spouse

Posted: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 12:33 pm
by sundaymorningstaple
Most definitely. In fact, you don't need to cancel the LTVP at all. If you are successful in getting the S pass, MOM will cancel the LTVP when the S pass is issued. No Problem.