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Early termination of lease by landlord

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Early termination of lease by landlord

Post by popsickles » Sat, 22 Sep 2018 2:01 am

So I signed a 1-year lease to rent the common room at a 2 bedroom condo, Landlord stays in the master bedroom. I had been staying for only 3 months and one day the agent we both paid commission to msg me saying that i'm disrupting the landlord's lifestyle by making midnight noises, and wants to terminate the lease, which I accepted at that time since it was true that i often need to reach home late and shower or do laundry at midnight, even though the contract never say anything about midnight noises. I was quite grumpy too since she never complained or warned me regarding this matter beforehand. I felt like she should at least warn me once instead of just terminating the lease immediately. Nevertheless, I tried to find a new place and move out ASAP.

When i finished moving out and handed her the room in good condition, she only refunded me my deposit, despite the fact that it's written on the contract "Should the landlord decides to cancel this tenancy agreement, landlord shall refund the said deposit plus additional sum equivalent one month rent. ... The defaulting party shall compensate the other party for the rental commission paid to his/her respective agent..."

I tried contacting my agent, and she said that landlord with not compensate me with anything since i broke the house rules, so I asked her to specify which rule, she didn't answer that question and only answered with "if you don't break house rule she will not terminate". But I asked her to specify again, and she replied with "only light cooking, and several others i cannot recall". Which was weird since she told me the problem was that I made midnight noises. I do use the kitchen to cook not only instant noodles, and she saw me cooking a lot of times. I never deep fry, but I use oil since the place is not equipped with a microwave and I need to reheat food. But I always leave the kitchen clean after using. She also never complain about my cooking everytime she sees me cook.

So I expressed my disagreement with the agent, but she left me on read. This was the agreed house rule on the contract: "Light cooking is allowed but once use tenant have to clean up the place every time, air conditioner operating hour not more than 10 hours per day. Guest is allowed but have to leave before midnight. Housekeeping for the room is a must."

I feel like I should receive a compensation since the termination was very abrupt (mind you she never complained about anything to me on the days before the termination msg reach me). It was such a hassle and stressful thing to find a place in a short amount of time.

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