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what is the best way to negotiate?

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what is the best way to negotiate?

Postby offer » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 4:03 pm

After 5 rounds of interviews with a MNC + headhunter, I got an offer finally. The base salary is at the lower end of the spectrum of the market (according to the headhunter's website info) - about 20% more than my last salary. But I worked for the government linked company before, hence the payscale is low.

1.Would it be too greedy from employer's point of view, if I ask for more?
2. If I decide to ask for more, what is the best approach? (I like the company and the job)

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Postby Boogers22 » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 4:25 pm

IMO, there's no "best way" to negotiate a job offer. You need to figure out in your mind what it is that you're willing to accept for the job. If what they are offering is too low, then figure out what the right number is and stick to it...but willing to accept the consequence that they may look elsewhere.

It's a tough call, but fact of the matter is you control your destiny since you've received an offer from them. Here's the age old dilemma since the existence of man: risk vs. rewards. The decision solely lies with you, not what others or what they think, b/c only you know how much $$ makes it worth it. If you are willing to accept the job offer given the current terms, you obviously need to be careful about the way you ask for more money b/c you could find yourself SOL.

I would definitely leverage the headhunter to see if he/she has placed any similar positions and what their offers were, however, caution that they are paid by the company, so take their advice w/ a grain of salt.


shoule I negotiate?

Postby offer » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 4:41 pm

Thanks for your reply.

Market Data - I have studied salary survey of Monster, Robert walter and the like. The salary range is 55-75 S$ for my category. If I take the middle range, which is about 15% higher the the offer.

Risk part: I dont have much experience on this aspect. Working for government I dont have to negotiate. HR has the salary table, it is low but clear. I dont want to start off the relationship with the company in the wrong way nor want to risk the job offer.

What is your advice?


Postby expat » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 7:24 pm

Sounds like you have made-up your mind already.

Factors you need to consider;
1) You are new to private sector
2) You need entry to this mode of job market
3) You dont know how bad or good employer will take when talking abt salary, even if they ask for salary expectation, still negotiating with employers is something not pleasant (generally)
4) Do you have some other offer? if not do you feel if some other employer will take you within forseeable short period of time - if you didnt accept this offer

So above things will help weigh you your situation and in most probable cases as you like this, you will perform well, and hopefully employer may consider increasing (however no body can perdict with certainity on this).

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Postby Strong Eagle » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:14 pm

Ole Booger has pretty much set the stage correctly. Who cares what the surveys say? Before you walk in, you had better decide what you will work for. If it's the amount already offered, then the best strategy you can come up with is to see what tradeoffs you can get in exchange for working for the offered salary.

You do have some negotating strength. They've offered you the job so you mean something to them. It will be a pain in the ass for them to start over should they not land you. The key in successful negotitating is the ability to avoid yes or no answers and instead, horsetrade.

Ask for more... that won't cost you your job, for their first answer will simply be 'no'. So, trade it off... maybe you'll take less for more vacation... or flex time.... or???? When you go into negotiations, be sure that you know what you want, know what you will be willing to give away, and don't give anything away except for something in return.

Unless you are a complete dunderhead, the company knows they are low balling you simply because it works a lot of the time. Standing ground means not only more money but also more respect.

A word of caution: Real negotiations only work if you are willing to walk away from the deal. If not, you're already on the hook, and they won't have to do much... you'll give it away to get the job.

PS: there are two components to risk... positive and negative. Postive risk is the chance you are willing to take to maximize your return in exchange for a potential loss. Small risk, small gain.


Suggest you to walk in and talk directly...

Postby Isuggest » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:45 pm

The overall package looks good except that base salary seems to be on the lower side. Is there any room to improve their offer?

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