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30 F New to here from Korea. I wanna make friends here!

Posted: Fri, 03 Aug 2018 10:06 am
by mmatto
Hello Good morning :)
I'm a 30 years woman staying Singapore from Seoul, Korea since this March. Married but no kids.
and try to fulfill my days with something special.
I'm having a yoga class on daily basis. and learning English as well.
Even though I'm not a perfect English speaker, there is no problem to conversation with someone. ( I hope so :cry: )
I happened to know this website and then want to talk with many friends in here, so I joined immediately :)
Ah! On more thing. I 'm staying nearby the Harbour front area. hope to find someone nearby. ( But It's ok if you're far from here )

Is there anyone who want to chat with me?
I'd like to have a coffee time or brunch or afternoon tea with you :)

Thank you for reading my post. Enjoy your day. and hope to find good friends here ^^

(Here is my Email address. :
I'm afraid both of us can be reavealed our personal informations. so I shared just minimum. you can also contact me with reply.)

Re: 30 F New to here from Korea. I wanna make friends here!

Posted: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 9:40 pm
by yuri1987
Hi, can we be friends, hope you don't mind a local chinese guys, i am staying near harbour front area too, let's chat to know more about each other as friends, hope to hear from you soon.