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Can I continue staying with Notification Letter?

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Can I continue staying with Notification Letter?

Postby robertng » Sat, 28 Jul 2018 8:20 pm

    I'm currently on LTVP, due to expire on August 2.
    My EP pass application has been approved, IPA letter issued and medical check-up done.
    I'm due to start work on July 31, and I'll collect the Notification Letter in the morning before starting to work, supposedly in the hands of my company now.
    For the whole duration I haven't been leaving Singapore, so I haven't needed to submit my IPA letter to immigration yet.

Will I overstay after August 2 since technically my EP card hasn't been issued yet? Can this Notification Letter act as a legal document for my stay in Singapore, and is it automatic or do I need to leave-reenter SG for it? Is it legal for me to work on July 31 (I read that Notification Letter shld be enough)? Should I need to leave and reenter SG before July 31 to activate the 30-day pass from the IPA letter just in case?

I just want to be sure I wouldn't overstay since the dates are all so close together. My main concern is when I go to register fingerprint/photo I'll be considered overstaying since it's after August 2 yet why am I staying in Singapore with dead LTVP, and even worse already working. I wouldn't be able to call ICA until Monday (when it's already July 30) so I'm a bit worried during this time.

Thank you very much in advance :)

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