Sharing v bad Plumber exp in Singapour

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Sharing v bad Plumber exp in Singapour

Post by jeank » Fri, 27 Jul 2018 1:49 am

Helo everybody,

I have been living in Singapour for 10 years or so now. I just had a Plumber from Joydom Engrg over last week to for
1) replace kitchen sink tap & bottle trap (quoted 280$)
2) replace and install 23L electric water heater above false ceiling(quoted 670$)
My mother had previously shown them the bathroom and kitchen, and agreed to the work without telling me the costs first.
When the handymen removed the faulty heater, they said that the new heater wouldn't fit unless the false ceiling is re-done. I was extremely surprised and asked them why they did not tell us about the xtra need to change the false ceiling. they directed me to call the office, i made several calls but none were answered. :???:
The main handyman then said office had msged them the quote: 3) re-do false ceiling (quoted $650 for "half" ceiling :shock: - my bathroom is 1.6mx1.6m) they kept saying "half" and full ceiling would be more. Tried to call the office again but no one picked up - this was 10am. :???:
I decided then to cancel the water heater work, since they made the mistake w the heater and measurements etc. They agreed to the cancel but insisted that they can't return the water heater to their supplier even though they'd" just bought it this morning". Makes no logic, it's still in the box, intact, with receipt, and supposing they have some kind of supplier relationship, this should not be a problem (plus, surely they will find use for it for other plumbing jobs). He insisted I have to pay for the heater $350. :x :x
During this time, 2 men had been working in the kitchen, they came out and said they'd need to replace the new tap with another as it seems to have problems, blaming their supplier. (surprise much?) So one guy went the nearest hardware shop i suppose and the other worked on the bottle trap. This whole simple operation took 3 hours.

During the 3 hours that it took 2 men to change a kitchen sink tap and bottle trap, I googled and made a few calls to other plumbers. Here's what I found out, from a plumber website w prices and 3 calls:
1) replace kitchen sink tap $75-$100 + bottle trap $30-60 = $120-$160
2) $420 - $480
Out of the 3 plumbers, one was able to pop by because they just finished a job nearby, they came and inspected the false ceiling heater installation and quoted me "not more than $450" for the water heater plus installation & "not more than $400" for the full 1.6mx1.6m ceiling. :o :shock: :o

So avoid this Joydom at all costs, [-X unless you're just wanting to know market price very quickly (by just making 1 call instead of 10 and googling) - in which case, all you have to do is 50% whatever quotations they gave you and Voila, you have market price for plumbing services!

So now I have a 23L heater in a BOX tt I need to return or sell or gift someone and still no hot water. :cry: :cry:
I hope you can learn from my expensive $650 lesson and AVOID JOYDOM [-X [-X , and be careful out there!

N.B. When they left, I realised that they hadn't replaced the cover for my false ceiling. Now, that's just bad manners.

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