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Quotes wanted for article on life as an accountant in Singapore

Posted: Wed, 25 Jul 2018 7:28 pm
by Destinations_journo
Hope you won't mind my posting on here - I'm writing an article for a UK student accountancy magazine on the great destinations that they could move to with their skills.

Just wondered if there are any expat finance/accountancy professionals on here and if so, if they might be up for sharing their views on any of the following questions:

*What are your favourite things about living and working in Singapore?

*How easy was the transition to working in Singapore and what is the working culture like there - does it differ from Europe?

*Any practical advice for accountancy technicians or qualified professionals thinking of moving to Singapore?

*Any tips on job-hunting eg did you need to have a job offer first, or did you move there and find a job then? Any particular skills in demand?