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Rental deposit return from Landlord

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Rental deposit return from Landlord

Post by parivinu » Mon, 25 Jun 2018 2:18 pm

Hi ,

I need advise on the below which we experienced here.

we stayed at the 2 bedroom flat in condo and paid 2 months rental deposit. in January our lease was ending , our agent asked us if we are interested in continuing for which we said NO. however when the landlord agent came in for viewing the unit for prospective tenants, she approaches us if we are interested in renewing , for which we replied we will have pay agency fee if we continue it and the unit is very old ( constructed in 80's and never renovated) asked for couple of changes ( quite big list) , she asked us to send the list . we sent to her personally and she took many weeks to reply and we didnt agree and meanwhile we were searching for other unit and got it .

later she started threatening and finally we agreed to stay one more month , after the lease ending , during this we asked her if she could reduce the rental amount ( since the rental market has been down since the beginning of the year) she said no and we asked her to get management approval to use condo amneties for one month ( she agreed and later no response from her).

meanwhile our agent said , he is not responsible for anything and left the group ( he created the group for all the conversation ) and then just before one week of agreed date of moving out , we started contacting her ,did not hear any response.

we tried calling her from other telephone number we could reach her and told her . she is been very rude to us from the moment we didnt agree to renew.

she came home for the inspection after we moved out started shouting at us and asking us to sign the handover letter which was not fair and all our neighbors could hear ( we literally went thru harassment from her) and called police and before them she was Ok for everything . we asked herto give invoice of the things that need to be done and before doing it let us know in advance we get the quote . she agreed
( Note: we maintained the house in very good state, just tap was leaking and 2 light stains on wall , according to rental contract fear wear and tear excepted due to aging)

we kept on the following up for rental deposit refund, finally we got it transferred after 27 days ( according to contract with in 14 days tenant should be paid back) that was peanuts. when we asked justification of the remaining amount, no respond.

that is when i decided to file a case in small claims, then the notice reached the landlord which was brought to both the agent's attention and now they started following us asking us to solve personally rather taking legally..

we had a discussion and very unfair cost deduction for break ups and no invoice ... they ageed to give 50% of that. again we said we need justification . I also called small claims they said they dont allow lawyers for small claims which reduce lot of costs on our end and also respondent can’t bring in lawyer .. we need advise do we get the justice for what we went through and amount that we lost.

Thanks in advance for reading.
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Re: Rental deposit return from Landlord

Post by PNGMK » Mon, 25 Jun 2018 3:18 pm

Continue to take them to the Small Claims Tribunal.
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