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UK Citizen: WHP rejection, what to do?

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Re: UK Citizen: WHP rejection, what to do?

Post by trickiw » Fri, 10 Jul 2020 12:52 am

Hello @trickiw
I made a stupid mistake by applying too early (cuz I wasn't sure how long it will take to receive the result and to my surprise, they grant me the pass just within one week...). I think my pass will have already expired before my internship ends. Do you have any idea which pass/ visa I can apply to legally stay in Singapore and complete the rest of my internship? (2 weeks ~ 1 month)
Thanks in advance!
I'm a little confused whether you got accepted onto the program or actually have the WHP card itself. When you get accepted you'll get a In Principle Approval Letter, which gives you the right to be issued a WHP for 3 months. Within those 3 months you'll have to get your WHP issued to you, in person, at the office in Clark Quay. From that date your pass lasts 6 months.

If the internship is longer than 6 months you should go the TEP route and get your university involved as this would for sure count as an industrial placement/time in industry/year abroad. If you can't apply for a TEP, you have to upgrade to an employment pass. I do not know enough to advise about that, but there are a lot of threads giving advice in this situation.

Some companies have orientation days for interns, e.g. tour of the office, networking etc. I had colleagues attend these days without a WHP, and this could give you a few extra days at the beginning. For example, your contract will start on a Wednesday but Monday and Tuesday will be orientation that you are expected to attend and with expenses paid. HR will tell you the finer points of what's what, but you absolutely cannot start your contract without a WHP. 99.99% he company will not let you and in Sg, it's never worth the risk.

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