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Help required

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Help required

Postby M4minesh » Fri, 15 Jun 2018 12:33 am

Hi all,

Im a UK citizen. I am a qualified accountant with 13 years of experience in London with a large asset management company. I came to Singapore as i found my partner during my travels and she lives here. After a couple of years together i am single again. I worked here on a six month contract. This ended in Dec 2017. I have been looking for another role since January. I have had no luck. My condo rental period is until dec 2018. I really want to stay however i was told during my last entry that i will have trouble going forward as i have been going in and out too much without returning to the UK. Can anyone help me answer the following :
1. Is there anyway to stay until December instead of having to leave when my 90 days are conplete in August? So i can stay until my rental contract is complete.
2. What is thr minimum amiubt i need to stay in the UK in order to return to singapore and be allowed reentry? I was hoping i could go for two weeks and cone back. But I assume it may need to be longer.
3. Is there a way other than getting an ep to stay here factoring my circumstances?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love it here but i understand i will have to leave. Just need to know about other people's experiences

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Re: Help required

Postby PNGMK » Fri, 15 Jun 2018 1:52 am

A PEP may be the answer.
Arrested? Lawyer Up
International School job? School website or
School advice? Avoid for profit schools
Tax advice? CPA
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