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Good and bad experience in renting HDB room

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Good and bad experience in renting HDB room

Post by meaningless » Tue, 22 May 2018 1:42 am

I read a lot of extreme landlord/neighbor on various forums, and frankly I learnt a lot thanks to all the posters. I think it's time for the pay forward. Let me share my own experience to you.

I came to Singapore since 2014. My first HDB room which I have stayed for more than 3 years was let to me by a mature and decent lady. She was so nice that I can cook whatever I want. Sometimes she even cooked for me. She also did the cleaning for me, we are friends till now. But then one day, after a year or 2 of my stay, her jobless step son brought back a Chinese woman with a Chinese kid - and yes she was pregnant while holding working permit - saying that he has to marry her. After a few months they managed to get a long term pass for the woman and a citizenship for the kid. That was when the nightmare started - the woman gamble everyday in MBS, hang her underwear in the common toilet, letting her kid pee in the laundry bucket without cleaning it up, the kid talked non-stop, she could be hear a few blocks away, I couldn't sleep, the guy still not working etc. I tolerated all these until one day the woman came into my room and scold me for some non-sense. By then my landlady told me that to let out the room is totally for the purpose to not let the Chinese woman slowly took off the unit.

So I moved out since it is possible that I was going to get an acid attack and such at any rate.

The second HDB room that I stayed (the current one), I stayed with a family of three with another 2 female tenants in another room. At first it seems ok because the daughter of the landlady is nice and reasonable. They even let me move in a few days before the lease officially started. I think it is fair as this place is so close to my work place and everything seemed fine so I took it even though this is a bit expensive and I can't cook (They don't even supply hot water). Evil, of course, only made to be known after I moved in. The old couple slept at 11pm and woke up at 4am everytday. Why would I know and why this bother me? They start screaming and nailing and punching and doing carpenter, anything you name, right after they woke up. At 4am. Turning on TV and turn it up because they refused to wear an aid. The tenants next to my door love to use the toilet from 8am to 9am everyday, shitting and bathing, so no you are not supposed to have the same working hour or you are not supposed to go to work. And remember there are two so if you missed the small window between 9.00 to 9.01 then suck it up, go to work at 11. The most annoying is the hygiene. I am not allowed to cook, but they cook 3 meals a day WIHTOUT CLEANING UP until their next cooking. They don't even bother to cover up their food and they are planting things - grass, flowers etc. - indoors. I can tell you that the bugs and flies that I have seen in my life does not add up to what I have seen in this house alone. And the landlord and landlady love to use the common toilet even though they have their own. The landlord like to pee all over the toilet sheet and floor without cleaning up and he has sugar urine. The landlady pee without flush. I don't know which is better/worse. So after the minimum staying period I asked to move out. Again the daughter was reasonable and agreed that I can move out after a month as stated in the contract. And then her screaming mother said I will have to stay for almost two months because they let me stayed in the room a few days without paying. I told them this is super unfair but I accept it since my next landlady was so nice to agree to wait for me.

And then they bought a ridiculously large TV with Dolby 5.1 and excellent bass, I can attest that the TV was SO GOOD the bass penetrated all the sound proof of my door frame and I hear the TV in my dream. It seemed that I paid for that noisy machine to annoy myself. I am still in the notice period. I hope I won't come back to this post because if I do, that will be another sharing of experience with the small claim tribunal.

My next room, since I don't know what will happen, I will need to stop right here. But one thing to note, my next room is rented though an agent, and he is a really nice guy. I texted him to ask him about my current room, the right that I have and stuff, he is not obligated to answer to but he actually made a call to me and advice me on things. Not to mention that my next landlady is so nice that she agrees to wait for me for almost 2 months. I hope things will get better and I don't need to come back for ranting. And I will reveal the address of my second room to warn the potential tenant after I left.

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