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SPR marrying Indian Citizen - EP/DP/LTVP - Confused!

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SPR marrying Indian Citizen - EP/DP/LTVP - Confused!

Postby easterndigital » Sun, 13 May 2018 2:28 am

Hello everyone,
I have read up on the internet and here regarding my situation. Surprisingly, I have not found something suitable to what I’m looking at - so I thought of posting here to learn from the wisdom of the community!

First a background about me: I am 32+, Indian ethnicity, Single, Singapore PR for around 11+ years and living in SG for 16+ years. BEng, MBA - both from top schools (eg NTU). Getting 6k+ total, working in Digital Tech, own a condo. Active in condo-related activities but not yet in NC. Other random info so you know me better than my ex ever did: I’m planning to set up (unsure) my own consulting sole prop. Yes, the thought of SG citizenship has occurred to me, but I didn’t act on it - for no specific reason.

My situation: I tried (hard) to find a partner here but did not find anyone long term. Now, I am going via an Indian arranged marriage. One of the likely partners is an Indian citizen, 28+, MBA, Consulting and works for an MNC that also operates in Singapore. She is willing to continue working in Singapore. However, she reports that internal transfers are difficult in her company. Of course, if she were to find another job - we all know about our tight job market here ;). I am happy to apply for an LTVP, but that requires a “common law marriage” certificate, not recognised in India.

What I understand is: The first option is for her to get an Employment Pass individually on her own merit and come over to SG. I can, in parallel, apply an LTVP for her without jeopardizing her EP chances, followed by an NOC in case the EP does not succeed. Dependents Pass, while applicable, is not preferred as I can’t apply for this while she attempts for an EP (or converts into an EP).

My questions are:
What are my options for the common law marriage and how have you managed this? What is your suggestion on passes that I should try for her (LTVP/DP/EP/…), and how should I approach this situation? Please highlight if there is anything else I need to be aware of. Steps in the process would be super helpful.

If you're in a chatty mood: Would any of your responses to above change considering I am planning to set up a sole prop and also apply for SC in the future? A ton of karma points to you if you've reached here :)

Thanks a bunch to the community once again!

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SPR marrying Indian Citizen - EP/DP/LTVP - Confused!

Postby bcheng74 » Sun, 13 May 2018 7:12 am

Since you are SPR, the options of DP and common law spouse LTVP do not apply to you.

You only have two choices:

1. Marry her officially and apply for e-VP (Long Term)
2. Let her apply for internal transfer and EP on her own merit

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