Accommodation Dilemma!!

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Re: Accommodation Dilemma!!

Post by Strong Eagle » Fri, 01 Jun 2018 10:55 pm

agborndipvanessa3 wrote:Ok tks.
Can I please know in which sectors I could find a job in sg?

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You need to understand that realities of the situation. First of all, if you are not in Singapore, your opportunity to find a job goes pretty close to zero. Why? Because companies don't know who you are, they are not going to pay for you to come to an interview, and there are plenty of alternate people who also want the job and are easy to interview.

Even if they are hiring foreigners, it is usually from know countries and through known pipelines. Thus, you have a problem again... a foreigner that has no pipeline contacts to get a job in Singapore.

You also need to understand that the types of jobs you want to apply for are first given to locals, and then only to foreigners if no one can be found. There are literally millions of Indians, Myanmar folks, and others who will work for virtually nothing to get into Singapore. You are just one more warm body in a sea of warm bodies, all wanting to get into Singapore.

I am not saying you should give up your dream. I am saying that the odds are very much against you. I am saying that you will never realize your dream by asking a few one sentence questions on and expat board. You need to learn a lot more about Singapore and its employment practices. You need to figure out how to adapt yourself. You need to figure out where you might need to move and what jobs you might need to take in order to realize your goal.

Asking, "Can I please know in which sectors I could find a job in sg?" will get you nothing for there are many sectors in Singapore, just like everywhere else.

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Re: Accommodation Dilemma!!

Post by momochan » Wed, 27 Jun 2018 6:22 pm

When I first got here, I used to stayed in airbnb then I moved to the apartment. I found my apartment from

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