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Wife denied entry need advice

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Re: Wife denied entry need advice

Post by cittakaro » Thu, 10 May 2018 11:59 am

Kailoon84 wrote:
suplammah wrote:Visitors pass (white card) have a limit on the number of days they can stay in Singapore. And I do not mean the number of days that was stamped or written in the white card.

Foreigners have to leave Singapore for a consecutive amount of days before this limit is reset. This depends on the nationality as well.

E.g. For Malaysians I believe they can stay up to 90 days in SG before they have to reset the limit again by not returning for 30 days consecutively.

If the Malaysian leave SG for 5 days during the 90 days period the total expiry will be 95 days later. Which he will need to leave for 30 days to reset after that.

If he stayed in SG for 30 days and then leave for 30 days he can come back SG for 90 days the next time.

That means if you leave SG and come back within 30 days you won't reset the count but will add on the expiry.

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What u mentioned i have heard people saying before but we dont know what is ica rules on that. So far i have travelled to singapore with my wife and stayed for about 25 days and leave for more then a month before returning.
Why didn't you apply LTVP during your wife 25 days visit? Lazy until last minute.


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EP Expiry

Post by kapadiabs » Fri, 18 May 2018 2:00 pm

Hi All,

My EP is expiring in 10-Jul-18 and now i am going on vacation for 10 days to Bangkok in June. My query is, can i travel and come back to Singapore before 30-Jun-2018 or not. My friend told me that if my EP expire on 10-Jul-2018 then i cannot travel for last one month. But as long as i have valid EP card before my return i can still travel

Kindly please advise


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Re: Wife denied entry need advice

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Fri, 18 May 2018 5:04 pm

The reason for this is your employer needs to do tax clearance one month before your permit expires. You can go on vacation if the employer approves your leave, but most employers will not approve any leave during that time as too many foreign employees have gone on leave and just buggered off, leaving the tax liability in the employer's hands as they have to pay it and then deduct it from your final salary. Of course, this depends on the quantum of your salary as well. WP's think nothing of disappearing at the drop of a hat and S pass holder aren't a whole lot better.

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