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PR Application and NS chances

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PR Application and NS chances

Postby BananaBender » Tue, 01 May 2018 5:06 pm

Hi everyone! I have been lurking this forum on and off for PR info and finally got around to posting.

To try and keep my description as short as possible:
  • Australian citizen by birth (Aussie dad, SG mum)
  • Raised/studied fully in Australia (obtained double bachelors)
  • After graduating been working in Singapore (S-pass, ~$4k) for the past 5yrs
  • I have traveled in and out of SG semi-regularly without issues
  • Recently married (wife's SG)
My intention is to apply PR without having to do NS.. However I am not sure whether I'll be considered a 1st Gen PR due to my mothers citizenship.. From my own research it seems applying PR through the PTS scheme is safest as that exempts NS obligations (if any). I have tried applying this route once before over a year back and was rejected so have since been looking at the other avenues to apply again (through marriage mainly).

So my questions:
  • What are my chances this time around if I apply PR through PTS scheme again? Since my last attempt I've up-skilled with some professional accreditation and am now married although I understand ICA doesn't consider this as much anymore until it's more 'established'.
  • Are my concerns about getting called for NS justified? I'm no young lad anymore but still quite a few years off of 40. Applying PR through family or marriage may be a quicker option but 2yrs out of career will seriously affect me and my wife's mid term plans of getting out of renting.
  • Will obtaining LTVP first help with getting PR in any way? I have been looking at LTVP to provide some security of me staying here with my wife say during a job change, etc.. But have been considering it a bit redundant if I'm really wanting PR.
Thanks and look forward to hearing your advice!

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Re: PR Application and NS chances

Postby PNGMK » Tue, 01 May 2018 8:00 pm

I don't think you'll be considered second gen as you were born overseas with a clear line of citizenship to Australia. You're not for example a child who was whisked away to Australia after birth in Singapore and then is trying to come back in (which really is difficult). I would apply under family scheme. Your chances are much higher. Esp if you're likely to bring children.
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