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Employer too must be relevant

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Unemployed Singaporean

Employer too must be relevant

Postby Unemployed Singaporean » Tue, 04 May 2004 10:56 pm

Don't you think so too (whose picky now? employers/job applicant?). how else do you explain why employers
1)must get a degree holder to do job that an 'O' level can handle? wouldn't it be too small a pie for the degree holder? and pushing the 'O' level out of job for no valid/acceptable reason?
2)must employ someone young, neat and pretty while at interview? don't think that appearance can be groom?
3)insist on giving the applicants pay check which was in the 19th century, while the rest of the expenses increases, do they really think that Singaporean can survive with it and that should have no desire to save for the future?
Now you see why the unemployment rate still on the high side even though the job market opening up? and can the government see that relevant skilled/experience job seekers with no degree/diploma, paper qualification. Didn't the government realize that people with least paper qualification are more humble, willing to commit and less choosy?

Also, do the employer really think with that unattractive wage offer, experience workers would willingly accept the appointment, don't they think most are obliged to accept, and will they be able to adapt and willing to change their style from the ex-system to the hiring company's system? Don't the employer think that inexperience workers are more teachable?

Just take example: William Hung from America's idol; I am sure he will be nobody if he is born a modern Singaporean and live here all his life.
Well, employers in Singapore will just brush him in the bin.

If the government can see, they will realize the entrepreneur in the early days carry nil international recognize qualification paper.


Are you too fussy?

Postby kylieyeo » Thu, 30 Dec 2004 6:14 pm


What kind of jobs are you looking for? Is your expectation too high too?


Kylie Yeo

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