Beware 24hr plumber service

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Beware 24hr plumber service

Post by Max Headroom » Tue, 03 Apr 2018 12:12 pm

Both my toilets had leaky hoses. I'd replaced the hoses, but couldn't get them to stop dripping where they joined the system. In the process I'd wrecked the thread of one of the plastic connectors.

Time for a pro to step in.

Called the 24 hour service; a guy called "John" answered and said he'd send "Fred".

From the get go, Fred over-reached in his work to be done. I tried to temper his ambitions by saying that I was aware of one part that needed replacing and that, apart from that, it was just a matter of stopping the dripping.

But dyed in the wool Fred wouldn't have any of it; he insisted on going whole-hog. The bill would amount to $270.

I declined and had to pay him $30 "transport cost". And I figure that this is how these guys leverage their unrealistic rate; strategically we're at a disadvantage because if and when we decline, we still need to cough up the $30. So I imagine most people bite the bullet and just capitulate. These guys know this and milk this to the max.

Long story short, the next chap, a handyman, charged me $150 all-in, including the part that needed replacing. He was out of there in 30 minutes.

Just sayin.

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