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Pasta Burger By MOS Burger not bad at all!

Posted: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 2:26 pm
by flyawayhome

Actually went to the Plaza Singapura outlet to get my chilli dog fix, turns out they rolled out a series of "pasta burgers" to celebrate their 25th year operating in Singapore. So bought one of those too ( Teriyaki Chicken Mushroom Sauce at $4.70), and to my pleasant surprise, it tasted pretty good!

The so-called burger comprises a tightly marinated chicken steak tucked between fettuccine strands congealed into two separate patties. Attacked the assembly with a fork, top patty tasted like it came right out of the tumble dryer- shitty and plain withered. Swore part of me died instantly right on the spot. But the chicken, oh the chicken, it rebooted my faith. Succulent and juicy, teriyaki sauce was sweet yet not overpowering.

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