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EP/DP - very urgent help needed

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EP/DP - very urgent help needed

Post by extremelyconcerned » Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:11 am


Need some quick advice from EP veterans

I hold an EP(P2) in Singapore (just got it about 20 days ago). I was transferred by my company to Singapore from India . Luckily , my wife ,who was also working in India got transferred by her company to Singapore and is due to start work in the second week of March. Her company applied for her EP in the first week of February and it has not come through yet. Her yearly gross pay is SGD 60000 and she works in the advertising sector with an MNC.


1. Were we wrong in applying for an EP for her instead of just getting a DP and a letter of consent ? Is a Letter of Consent guaranteed ?

2. My EP came through in about 12 days ...hers seems to be taking longer (it's been three weeks already)

3. Should we consider withdrawing the EP application and applying for a DP instead ?

My concern stems from the fact that I do not want to end up in a situation where I am here and my wife needlessly gets delayed in her arrival to Singapore

This is urgent - please help. Your advice would be highly appreciated

just a thought

Post by just a thought » Mon, 21 Feb 2005 8:30 pm

i would think the extra time would be due to Chinese New Year - since it has been more than two weeks, has she or her sponsoring company called to find the status?


Post by extremelyconcerned » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 7:47 pm

Thanks...that did turn out to be the reason after all...her EP got approved

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