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Cleaning shower screen and sealant - Cleaning shower screen and sealant

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Postby faith » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 1:45 pm


Just wondering how do you gals/guys keep the glass shower screen clean? Mine always has soap/water stain and has to be scrubbed everyweek... can we 'waxed' it to keep it shiny??? and prevent the water stain? just like a car???

And how abt those transparent sealant/silicon at the bottom and side of the shower screen to stop water seepage out of shower area? Ours get mouldy and dark in colour after some weeks of usage and it's underneath the sealant and there's no way to get rid of it... we actually had to remove (scrapping off with penknife) the original sealant and get those DIY sealant tubes to re-seal it... just got it done last week and not sure if it will turn mouldy again... find it very yukky to do the scrapping.. got mouldy smells.....

Just wondering if it is normal for the sealant to turn mouldy... or had our contractor not done a proper job???


Postby rainX » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 1:56 pm

hi Faith,

i am using the rainX for the car windscreen for all my windows and shower screen after washing. it last me abt two weeks for the shower screen n will apply again after washing up the toilets again.for window try to apply it on the outer windows cos it will be still clean after every rain. i only apply it every few mths.

U can buy the rainX from supermarkets or petrol station, but buy the real one cos got fake one. It cost abt $9.90 in petrol station but giants sell cheaper $8.90.

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