New owner asking to move out within 3 months! HELP!

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New owner asking to move out within 3 months! HELP!

Post by new2sg2017 » Mon, 25 Dec 2017 5:59 pm

Looking for some help here. Pardon the long post but I need to present all the facts to get sound advice.

I rented a place in late Oct 2017 - 2 year lease with a 6 month termination clause and 2 month notice period (meaning at least 8 months in the unit as a tenant) since the owner was looking to sell. The owner couldn't sell for a long time but as soon as I rented the unit, the unit got sold. My agent was a crook at best, he misrepresented a lot of things, was a real pain in the neck and then vanished after he received his money. As soon as the unit was sold, the original landlord’s agent (let’s call her OLA) was back saying she needs me to sign another TA since my original TA is invalid! Her reason: she claims I rushed them to sign the TA so she had to get that TA signed by the wife while the TA is under the husband’s name. In goodwill I signed. But there was a problem in the TA that I didn’t spot – the tenancy started in July 2017 rather than the actual (Oct 2017). The new owners are a couple and they want to move in. The (new owner) man is a property agent too and I smell rubbish in all that comes out of his mouth since him and his fiancé claim they were under the impression that I was to vacate in Jan 2018!! That’s absolutely ridiculous since I just moved in when they came out to see the unit and I mentioned to them that I had just moved in! Now 2 months into the lease, they want me to move out even before I complete the 3rd month! They are claiming that according to their lawyer, Jan 2018 marks the completion of 6 months since the lease started in July 2017 according to TA. However, I was not even in SG at the time. I came to SG in Sep 2017 and lived in several Serviced Apartments before moving into this unit in Oct 2017. They want this unit to be their marital home and are getting married in mar 2018. I want to be able to help them but my personal family situations are quite difficult to allow just packing up my bags and leaving.

Help? Please? What are my rights? Do I have to move? And, what kind of inconvenience compensation can I ask for to cover all the madness that has started since their visit last Sunday? Should I approach the SCT? Do I have enough to approach SCT?

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Re: New owner asking to move out within 3 months! HELP!

Post by PNGMK » Fri, 29 Dec 2017 5:57 pm

1. To actually evict you they would need a court order (or be able to convince the cops you were there illegally).
2. Why oh why did you sign a new TA? Now you've got argue it is a fraudulent contract.

This is all a bit too much for an easy solution and probably above the level of an SCT judgement and well above the naval gazers on this forum. I suggest you engage a solicitor to review the two TA with an eye to writing a letter to the owners stating you are going to remain put or requesting damages to move out early and break your first lease (provided the solicitor agrees).
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