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Advice on renouncing Singapore citizenship

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Advice on renouncing Singapore citizenship

Post by singabuddy » Sat, 23 Dec 2017 9:28 am

Hi, I have read through various posts on renouncing Singapore citizenship and found much useful information. I am hoping that the helpful people here can advise me on my specific situation. If this is the wrong forum, let me know where I should post instead.

I now live in Canada with my family and got Canadian Citizenship near the end of 2013. I do not have any NS obligation, finished the reservist cycle (I am over 40).

I have not been back to Singapore since. I have planned a family trip to Singapore in Mar 2018 duration approx 2.5 weeks.

Filing through the Consulate I understand has a processing time of about 3 months.
Q. If I was to file in Singapore on my trip back, would the processing be faster? I read on another thread that if I had all the documents, I could go to ICA and get it done in 1 day? I want to avoid the situation where I have to go to back to ICA after my trip is over.

Q. Would you recommend I file through Consulate or in Singapore?

Q. Any problem with delay in renouncing?

Q. When I go back to Singapore, should I use my Canadian passport or Singapore passport to enter?

I noticed that the renunciation forms ask you for lots of personal information. My three children (including a boy) were all born in Canada, never registered in Singapore. No Singapore documentation. My marriage is registered in Singapore because previously I got my wife Singapore PR but she did not want to live in Singapore so went back to Canada. Her PR is expired.
Q. Any concern about giving too much information? Should I fill in my kids' information? Any concern about my son having NS obligation? I do not believe he has but would like to check with you people.

Thank you!

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Re: Advice on renouncing Singapore citizenship

Post by Cohen123 » Wed, 26 Dec 2018 5:44 am


Just read your forum.

Did you eventually go back to SG in March?

What’s your experience like when you renounced the citizenship ?

Similar situation here and would like to find out if I should make the trip back. I heard it’s faster at ICA than going to High Comm.

And the forms, wow, so much info required going all the way back to first employment!!! What’s that about?

Appreciate any info you can share.

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