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NS man Overseas Notification "consolidated trips" > 6 months

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NS man Overseas Notification "consolidated trips" > 6 months

Post by taxico » Mon, 18 Dec 2017 6:12 pm

info for NS men that are using the overseas notification "loop hole"...

i'm not sure if it's a recent change ( got revamped more than once recently), but this was never a problem for me before... (i'm usually away 11 months out of each year with regular short trips back to singapore)
Error :

Your request cannot be processed: Sorry, your consolidated overseas trips are 6 months and above, you are therefore required to apply for an Exit Permit for your trip.
also something came on my radar a few days ago which i never knew before...
under the Enlistment Act, an NS man can be charged and convicted in court for failing to notify CMPB after having not received any order or notice from his national service unit for six consecutive months.
i am unsure what happens if you do not have an assigned unit... caveat lector!
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Re: NS man Overseas Notification "consolidated trips" > 6 months

Post by Mad Scientist » Mon, 25 Dec 2017 10:54 am

Not sure now as it has been a long time ago but I used the exit permit route which is much safer as long as it is under 1 year and 364 days. You cannot return back to Singapore more than 3 months as your exit permit will be become invalid
Apply under business trips with overseas address of company that can verified your job
But here's the crunch, once you turn 40 , MPs will knock on your door even though you have vaild EP. Whether you are at home or abroad they will summon you to CMPB or your last MOB unit.
Do not be afraid, go for the call up and bring along your docs. They will strike out your name if you said you are leaving for overseas work again. Leave you must. that is how I did not go for my second tour and I had my release at 40
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