Air-Conditioning Services in Singapore

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Air-Conditioning Services in Singapore

Post by Pal » Wed, 08 Nov 2017 6:36 pm

Towards the end of the year as the weather turns colder, many people are electing to switch off the air-conditioning, preferring to rely on their trusty fans instead to keep the cool air circulating. While this certainly helps people to save energy and lower their electricity bill, purchasing the right air-conditioning unit from the beginning is a good alternative that allows you to regulate the temperature inside your house all year round while keeping the costs down.

In the past, air-conditioning units generally cooled the air until the room’s temperature has reached the specified temperature, before the fan mode was automatically engaged to help the air to circulate. Today, new energy-saving models are able to switch off the air-conditioning unit entirely when its surroundings reach the optimum temperature, thus helping you to save even more energy. Gone are the days where you’d need to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature by hand, as many of the newer air-conditioning units in Singapore have energy-saver features that allow them to switch themselves off and on depending on their settings.

In Singapore, as the temperature remains pretty standard 28-35 degrees all year round, you may not need to worry about finding a unit with the capacity to cool the room down in extremely hot temperatures or find a unit that’s capable of blowing heated air, but it’s still important to find the right unit that’s suitable for the space that it needs to cool. Engaging an expert to visit the site before making a purchase, to advise if the air-conditioning unit you had selected is suitable for the room, could be very useful in helping you come to a decision.

However, no matter the unit you select, there comes a point when the appliance reaches the end of its lifespan and must be repaired or replaced. When choosing the right company to provide air-conditioning services, it’s important to choose one that is reliable and experienced, as the appliance is likely to stay with you for many years and could be difficult to replace. It’s also important to source for an established company that’s likely to remain in the business for many years, as it could be years into the future before you first see the need to call for servicing.

When the unit breaks down, you would want to know that the company you had contracted to repair or replace it is both dependable and efficient, and able to do the work with minimal fuss or disruption to your life. As Singapore’s climate tends towards the warm and humid, some people are unable to sleep well without air-conditioning, so it’s also important to find a company that’s able to perform the repairs with minimum turnaround time. Check with friends or family in the area to find out if they have any good recommendations for you, or do your research to find out if there’s a reputable company with plenty of experience in this field. Depending on where you purchase your air-conditioning unit, the company that sold it to you may also be willing to perform installation and repair works. Large wall-mounted units and window air-conditioning units are usually installed by professionals.

It’s generally good practice to engage companies that have the right certifications and that are licensed to do the job well, but in the case of an air-conditioning unit installation, it could be more important than usual to hire a registered company. Such installation works, or even repair works, could easily damage your window or walls. An unregistered company or one that does not have the right insurance, may not be the best choice in case something goes wrong. To safeguard against such problems, check with the company to find out more about their policies. Find out more about the follow-up services that they provide. If the air-conditioning unit fails to work or malfunctions, would the company be able to fix the problem, or offer reasonable rates for their service?

The right company to provide air-conditioning services should offer competitive prices for their services. Before committing to a single company, check and compare their prices with those of other companies. It’s best to know exactly what you’re looking for, in order to avoid getting cheated by dishonest merchants who may attempt to convince you to purchase or commit to more than you need. Think of the features that you’d like your air-conditioning unit to possess if you’re purchasing a new model, and find out the exact problem with your unit if you’re looking for servicing. Common air-conditioning unit problems include the unit failing to be switched on, leakages, a lack of cold air being emitted, or the unit producing too much noise. Make a note of the unit’s problems, and don’t be afraid to check with potential servicing companies on their solutions to all of these.

By Rayne
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Re: Air-Conditioning Services in Singapore

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 08 Nov 2017 8:34 pm

Frankly, the best thing to do is do without aircon completely. Opt for ceiling fans of the right diameter for the floor space of the room and keep your windows open as far as possible. Or at least on the side of the unit that is normally the lee side of any storm. I've been here for 34 years of with the 1st 15 were in old black & whites in Seletar camp but there you have big porches and lovely 50~60 year old fans with 13~14' ceilings. But 19 years ago I bought an HDB resale. I opted for ceiling fans in all the rooms except the baths, kitchen & windowed up balcony (that has a wall mounted oscillating fan at one end (KDK - costs a wee bit more but will last forever).

What I can say is that while in those hot months, yes it's a bit uncomfortable and yes you need to change your sheets a lot more often, but the flip side is that fact that my children were born and raised without aircon and were rarely sick with flu or sore throats, etc. Prespiration is good. Aircon dries out the throat & skin and causes pores to close up and create black/whiteheads and other skin problems. Bathing before retiring and upon waking up in the morning keeps the body clean and the open pores keep the skin healthy and in the process your whole body stays healthier. I'm now 70 and I cannot ever remember having a cold or flu or sore throat (aside from a night on the town with too much to drink/smoke - back before I quit smoking in 2004). Aircon is inherently unhealthy and expensive both in cost and in maintenance and running costs.

But if you don't care about your health or that of your loved ones, by all means, get aircon. They probably won't realize you are partially responsible for their constant sniffles/colds, etc. ;-)

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