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Studying CIMA accountancy and finding work in singapore

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Studying CIMA accountancy and finding work in singapore

Postby Clip_My_Wings » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 7:12 pm

Hello Forum,

I am looking for some advice and information about relocating to singapore from London ...

I am currently studying my second year accountancy exams in CIMA and am considering moving to singapore at the start of next year to study my third year ... my questions are :

- has anyone studied accountancy in an english class in singapore, and if yes, what was the standard/quality of the lessons?
- I will try and get a job transfer from my existing company, but if unsuccessful what are the job opportunities like for investment banks in the area ?

I am 27 years old, degree in Economics, 5 years work experience, will have 2 years in investment banking in IT/project/accounting roles. What would be a realistic wage to command if i was to move to singapore on student pass and find employment while there (I know it would require a future employer to sponsor my work permit)

Thank-you in advance for any advice you can offer.[/quote]
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