Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Interested to get your child into a local Primary School? Discuss the opportunities here.
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Re: Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Post by tsoching » Mon, 20 Nov 2017 10:31 pm

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Local school fees for international students see the link below ... chool-fees

School fees for private school and International School ranges from 12K/year to 50K/year.

I cannot say about the quality since it is very subjective and there are no common metrics to compare local vs private vs international. Join the facebook group mentioned by bcheng. It is very informative.[/quote]

I sent a request to join the facebook group but was told they only approve people who have already moved to Singapore and not people who are just doing the research. However, the admin was willing to answer my questions regarding local schools.

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Re: Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Post by soprano » Mon, 21 May 2018 5:06 pm

Where do I buy/download previous years' question papers for AEIS exam (admission exam for international students in Singapore)? My child is sitting for P2/P3 exam this September.

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Re: Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Post by kamal.hossain » Thu, 28 Jun 2018 3:31 pm

Hi all Expats in Singapore,
We've been going through a half lot rough year of 2018 as my daughter missed out primary school in last (2017) foreigner registration exercise for admission in local primary school. So we have taken last chance with our daughter this year who sat for his/her AEIS Exam on Sep 2017. Literally she has missed our this whole year of school due to limited space for foreign children in local schools (Primary One)
(She has been staying here since her age 1 in Dependent Pass, completed her Nursery & KG classes from PCF) We feel like unfortunate parents as we are unable to provide her with private school option recommended by authority. Then based on their remarks we are taking a chance with this AEIS Exam as the last resort of our trying.
Me and my wife literally going through the whole primary syllabus within 2-3 months, we are hopeful our daughter deserve a positive response and prove her worth.
I didn't find many topics on AEIS Exam on the Forums. So if any of you who has prior experience with AEIS/SAEIS Exams, results, potential, chances, remarks....whatsoever.... Please share.
Also if you have any suggestion for us please feel free to give (alternatives, good luck ).
As this is the last chance I am taking for my daughter's admission into local school, we will be left with no other alternative than look out for other country after staying here for long 12 years
Engr Kamal Hossain

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Re: Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Post by lyndaz » Fri, 17 Aug 2018 10:00 am

Both my children sat for the S-AEIS in February this year and they passed and got into public schools (primary and secondary) in April 2018. I just want to share our experience. They had to learn the sg maths syllabus for the year prior. So if you are applying for P3 level, you must study for P2 syllabus and a bit of P3 for S-AEIS. We used Singapore maths workbook to see the workings to prepare for Paper 2.
You can find the syllabus, practice questions and past year papers here,
Just google for other grade/secondary levels.

Also there will be IQ test for the Paper 1 multiple-choice questions.
Below you will find some examples of those pictorial IQ test and some simpler number IQ questions, ... sample.php

If your child has never used an optical answer sheet, I suggest you get a sample and let your child practise shading the answer for Paper 1.
Above all, give a lot of encouragement. I have heard of some who failed the first time but passed subsequently. Some take tuition. My children studied on their own as they could handle it.
And in the end if it does not work out, you have other options. There are more and more reasonably priced but smaller International Schools in Singapore now. All the best!

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Re: Public School in Singapore for Foreigners

Post by Kochi » Thu, 03 Jan 2019 3:35 pm

bro75 wrote:Look at the MOE website for school registration procedures for foreigners.
To summarize, P1 must go through P1 registration exercise which has 3 phases. Foreigners are on phase 3 where most of the slots have already been taken.
P2-P5 must go through the AEIS route. Basically, your child takes the AEIS exam, and you pray that he/she gets a slot.
There is no admission for P6.
It is very difficult for a foreign child to get into a local school nowadays unlike in the past (bef 2011) when they try to accommodate most foreign children. So have a plan B for your child.

If your child did not get a slot, your options would be
- home schooling
- private schools with local curriculum (e.g. San Yu)
- International Schools
- other alternative learning institutes/centres such as Open Primary, SFA Eduhearts, Invictus
Anyone knows about choosing Hindi as Mother Tongue for Primary Level in Singapore? As far as I know there are two institutions offering Hindi language courses: Hindi Society and DAV. Which among them is better in terms of teaching quality? Which is cheaper? Please advise. Thanks.

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