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Belittling others and derisory remarks

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Belittling others and derisory remarks

Postby PhantomX » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:02 am

There has been a marked increase in belittling and derisory remarks on all sorts of issues. Please be reminded that this is a forum ie a place where all views are aired but without recourse to belittling and deriding others who dont see eye to eye or agree with us. If this does not stop, such posts will be removed whether vulgrarities are present or not. Friendly jostling around is not included and all of us know when it is friendly or not. So please be grown ups and respect the opinions and feelings of others. otherwise your presence in this forum is not welcome. And by the way, racial issues are potentially explosive. If due deference is not given to the sensitivities here and individuals use this as fodder to fuel a fire then the whole topic itself maybe removed. So the riot act has been read and it is left to all of you to take note. We will not brook any further nonsense.

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