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Living and doing business in venezuela

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Living and doing business in venezuela

Post by mxw1991 » Wed, 04 Oct 2017 2:07 pm

Hey guys! Recently Venezuela has had a lot of political unrest and the economical situation is not that good now, but I hope to share with everyone on how nice of a country it is, despite the violence and corruption. I'm from Singapore but I worked and lived in Venezuela for the past 5 years since 2012 and I can really vouch that it is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

A few things I noticed when i when there was the living conditions there. It was really an eye-opener as Singapore hardly has any slums and such. When doing business there, it was pretty different as compared to Singapore. Back home, meetings are all down to business and it is very focused on the profits and money (who can blame us, we gotta make dat money), but in Venezuela, business was alot more relaxed and friendly during the meetings. It was really different for me and it took some getting used to. Normally, everyone is very formal but there, it was like a whole different world :shock: really eye opening HAHAHA

but it really was a good experience and the chance to adapt to another culture really broadened my scope as a person and showed me how to slowly adapt to different cultures. Be back with another post soon. Peace =D>

- M.

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