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Post by 244522 » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:14 am

Hi who

Just curious, if there are fresh colors silicon available, why do you still choose the original white color one instead of the skin color one. Am interested in it, need to think which suit me better. :)

Dr chuang work so natural? Honestly, I hardly can believe that even the plastic surgeons they themselves cant tell you did a nose job. :)

I looked through Dr chuang site and I think he's really good at using gortex for both girls and guys. In my personal views, it seems much nicer than what Dr Jung did.


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Post by DMN » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 12:22 pm

who wrote:Astrogirl,

I read several accounts (from a Canadian forum) that when goretex was removed, it took out small chunks of their nose bone and flesh with it... resulting in a mishapened nose.


You may be right... I can't say what is right and what is wrong. Afterall, they are doctors, and I'm not... and it seems that many medical papers say opposite things regarding nose implants.

It's not an easy choice. Thanks for sharing your information, by the way.
hello who and everyone!

i have seen a korean lady who removed goretex after 7 yrs while we were both lying in admission after op. (her mourning was too loud n i started to talk to her to 'distract' her :P ) she speaks good english and shared her experience of silicon incl. 3 times silicon by various docs in korea and then last by Dr. Jung with goretex. the reason she concdeded to remove her impant and juz lived without one is cos she simply has too many complications after silicon implants to her sensitive nose. goretex only works in her case for 6 yrs and she began to develop serious sinus and later infection.

no apparent deformed nose from what i see after removal. tho, i wonder if the nose will skrink or react ony weeks after. she rather paid more to Dr. Jung to remove goretex as he is the master for this implant in korea.

thus, i think morale of the story is to go to the relevant MASTER of your desired implant. again, as to which doc is the best is up to the individual to decide and research.

that's why really BAD karma for those parasites who make false claims to sell docs' skill n service - juz to receive discounts or hv their op done for free. these ppl will not be there for those they touted when problem arise....and problems do arise as we have seen in this forum.

kind regards,

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Post by astrogirl » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 2:31 pm

who, thanks for response and info!

I suppose we'd have to read goretex info specifically for nasal implant use. Michael Jackson's nose comes to mind!

Some info out there pertains to goretex materials used inside the body where shape and future complications is of little consequence, the result desired is that the goretex material bonds with the bone, muscle or skin cells strongly to become part of the body. This maybe the main advantage of goretex over any material for the desired outcome, however it is very different from goretex used on the nose.

Thanks DMN for sharing about the goretex removal! Every bit of info helps!

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Post by Coby » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 2:58 pm

Did Michael Jackson use Gore-tex back then already? I'm just curious.

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Post by Coby » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 3:05 pm

It's been >2 weeks post op. for me and my nose is still swelling a little bit, esp the area between the eyes. Do you guys apply hot pack on that area and the eyes only? I remember someone told me to massage the nose with hot water, too. Will it help reduce swelling?
Thanks for replying.

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Post by usernameblah » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 4:16 pm

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Post by DMN » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 5:36 pm

For further reference, below July update of cases from Dr. Hsu who does 100% autologous implant.
For those who cannot read Chinese, photos on the left are silicon implant. You wld see at bottom of the page coloured silicon he removed and it showed shaping of the tip.

He mentioned that no matter whether insertion under skin (like in the past) or under periosteum, silicon implant will still shift - only a matter of degree becos cells of the nose are unable to grow on it (exactly the reason why goretex is deemed difficult to remove!)


UNQUOTE ... centerFlag


He further wrote:

矽膠雖然報告併發症的機率約10-15%, 但是事實上還有很多人


所以說,一個手術的結果是要看長期自體手術當然也是有風險. 不過自體手術半年後沒有問題,之後出現問題的機會就少很多



In context:
Initial infection/complication rate of silicon is 10-15%. However, in reality there are many who removed their silicon implants due to unnatural or crooked implants after some time.

Some who found that their implant look good initially often find problem as the silicon implants stay long and producing a layer of membrane between the bridge causing the nose to look unnatural over time.

Problems of silicon implants are accumulative over time. (thus the rate of removal is much higher.)

There are also complications with 100% autologous implants. However, problems do not typically extend beyond 6 months.

It is important to track the progress of patients over a longer period of time to observe if their implant produced satisfactory results. ... centerFlag


Ah, below a little info on goretex.

In context:
I attend a Rhinoplasty conference in the Chicago, USA in 2005. Herewtih some info:
Early stage complications of silicon is 5.5%
Late stage complications abt 4.3%
Overall, a stats of 9.8% over 10 years after op.

Altho, Goretex as a new source of implant can merged with nose's cells. The infection rate is 3.2% and more importantly, it is difficult to remove causing higher cost/time.

Docs who use silicons are generally reluctant to spend time for Rhino op. they rely on fixed molds and use little shaping. Taking only 30-50 mins to fit in the 'mould'. There are of course exceptions.



但是感染率美國的報告也有3.2% 而且重點是如果感染後會因為細胞跟Gore-tex長在一起會很難移除,所以醫師要移除之前的Gore-tex要多收費(因為要多花一個小時)

很少有醫師願意花時間在學習鼻整型上面所以做出來的鼻型只會造著矽膠模子跑,鼻型比較沒特色。當然國內也有一些比較專精的整型科醫師會以軟骨做鼻整型手術的。 ... centerFlag

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Revision Rhinoplasty Of Silicone Implant.

Post by WAsadeha » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 8:11 pm

Hey guys, for those who had revision rhinoplasty; whereby the nasal implant is repaced with a new one due to faults or imperfecions, can the DR do it simultaneously?

I have heard of some pple saying that Drs recommend a rest period of abt 3-6 mths to let your skin revert back to the original size; this is to allow the excess space created by the silicone to disappear. Is is said that if the revision is done immediately, the 'space' wud allow the new implant to wobble and not sit firmly on the bone, causing deviation and complications.

Having said that, i have hear of many cases where the DR jus do the revision

instantly. Anyone care to comment?

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Re: Dr Chuang

Post by grumpy99 » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 8:28 pm

Hi eilin18, thanks for answering my question! Today's 17th day for me, and my nose bridge is moving down a leeeetle bit by leeetle bit. Luckily it's doing that or else I'm a bit worried about the height of my nose bridge.

I ate the famous Taipei stewed pork rice (ru rou fan) on the 4th day after the nurse pulled off my plaster, but I was very very careful and spent 1.5hrs just eating half a bowl! I have 3 stitches left in my mouth now and I'm hoping they'll fall off soon. My lower face is still quite puffy and numb also, and my smile is quite frozen too. Argg... quite irritating because while the nose is looking more and more natural each day, the chin puffiness still makes me look a little odd.

For those of you considering chin implant, it may sound like an easy and straightforward procedure, but healing takes longer than a nose job!
ellin18 wrote:Hi Grumpy,

When i did my nose, I still had filler around the bridge. Therefore, my bruises were quite jia lat (bad). Dr Chuang may have tried to squeeze the filler out. I had panda eyes for two good weeks.

As for chin, Dr Chuang have to re-stitch some parts of the wound because the wound opened (ate solid food) he..he..he.. After 2-3 weeks then I can see my face shape. Now it has been a month, all of my stiches have fallen off except one. Tightness can still be felt around the jaw esp the area below my lip. I still cant get used to my new chin. My lip alignment has changed and I cant really talk properly. Some of words are hard to say. Sometimes im wondering how i look when i smile. lol


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Post by who » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 8:35 pm

Usually Dr. chuang's nose jobs last for about 2.5 hours. I don't know if that helps.

and, of course, you can choose the flesh colored silicone.

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Post by grumpy99 » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 8:40 pm

Yep I think at the end of the day, both Goretex and silicone has its own merits. And what's really important is what the doctor recommends for your own specific case. Someone told me Dr Chuang only recommended Goretex and not silicone for him/her (whereas in my case, Dr C only said I could get a silicone implant), so I think there's a good reason behind every nose job recommendation.

The MOST important thing here is: See a good, reputable doctor! You'll be putting your whole face and the future of your nose in his hands, so go to the best doctor you can afford!
takuda wrote: so happy for you that 3mm is sufficient, maybe u had a good nose to start with. i dont know, but i find carol cheng and dawn yang's nose disturbing(maybe after i read more about rhino), or is it the quality of the silicon? urs is a well job done, we have to say, but we cannot deny that there are weird and awkard looking white shadows(and they was someone in this forum who even said silicon CHANGES into different colours). but well, since it is the more popular choice against gortex, i guess it should be quite alright, afterall, it can be removed easily. :)

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Post by FlyingMice » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 10:05 pm

I was looking through youtube and found this video stating that a girl died from rhinplasty... Scary man.. How come nose job can takes a person life. Im wondering before getting a nose job done, can patient do a full checkup to ensure that he/she is not allegy to any of the medication given.

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scarey movie

Post by prettyface07 » Tue, 21 Aug 2007 3:13 pm

FlyingMice wrote:I was looking through youtube and found this video stating that a girl died from rhinplasty... Scary man.. How come nose job can takes a person life. Im wondering before getting a nose job done, can patient do a full checkup to ensure that he/she is not allegy to any of the medication given.
Wow me scare scare cos if I doing Ps in overseas.if thing happen how Hah?

Wish to be in beauty heaven

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Post by velvet_ice » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 12:19 am


i have been following the forum and seems like alot of controversay re all the various methods used. but can anyone advise for someone with very sensitive nose (i get sinus almost everyday!), which is more advisable? dint see any post re this... :oops:

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Post by foubelle » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 9:06 am

i htink autologus is the way to go. since you say your have sensitive nose, adding any foreign materials might trigger some reaction.

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