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Employer took too long to obtain work permit

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Employer took too long to obtain work permit

Post by bestrogan » Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:30 pm

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Re: Incompetent employer took 3 months to obtain LOC, now there's a problem. What to do?

Post by ecureilx » Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:41 pm

bestrogan wrote:TLDR: SG registered company offered me a job. It took them 3 months to get LOC issued for me. Prior to obtaining LOC they issued me salary payments, which is not legal. I need to fix this. What are the options?
I was offered employment from a SG company. We agreed they will obtain LOC for me. I had a job on LOC previously, which was approved in 2 days. I know the standard approval time is 7 days also. It took this company 3 months to get the LOC issued! After a lot of chasing and pinning them down during this period, it was found out that they were not ready to hire in SG. They did not even have registered SingPass account when they hired me. The LOC itself was subsequently approved by MOM in 2 days, the rest of time was them getting all their papers and taxes ready to MOM to be eligible to hire.

On top of that, they sent me payments from their company bank account to mine prior to receiving LOC. I’m sure this is not legal. I’m sure IRAS and MOM will flag them and subsequently myself for this. I am actively chasing them to fix this but they think it is not a big deal. This company is a case of pure incompetency and recklessness. They have no respect for the law here. I DO and I will not jeopardise myself and my family here as we intend to live and work here for a long time.

Advice on what to do next?
Step 1: resign
Step 2: go to MOM And report the company for being inefficient.
Step 3: return the payments you got back to the company

Step 4: educate us what's your net objective with this post?

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