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Getting Singapore PR back after Surrendering

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Re: Getting Singapore PR back after Surrendering

Post by taxico » Thu, 03 Aug 2017 1:40 pm

PNGMK wrote:
Strong Eagle wrote:
PNGMK wrote:The entrepass is not the visa I am referring to. The new visa coming has a lot more open requirements.
I am most curious to know what this is about. Sounds like a return to Entrepass of 2000-2005 where an idea, a biz plan, and a decent resume could get you in the door.
Joseph Ziegler (Austrade Singapore - Landing Pad Manager) mentioned it in an Austcham meeting. I think the new visa is has multiple add-ons to address the issues real entrepreneurs have coming into Singapore (it sounded as though the visa addressed the real issues of cost for start up managers including access to local schools and housing cost issues being addressed).
would this visa be for aussies only? that was what i was told it would be (quid pro quo) back in June...

also, there're changes to the Entrepass announced yesterday for start-ups.
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