Cholesterol Deposits

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Cholesterol Deposits

Post by LittleWanderer613 » Mon, 10 Jul 2017 5:06 pm

So I recently went to a dermatologist to have a facial done (along with other treatments), and the dermatologist said I have "cholesterol deposits" and that she's removing it. At that time I didn't bother asking what they are, but she said it's the white, small bumps of skin I have around my eye area. I have a lot of them, by the way. She removed the biggest ones located on the bottom part of my eyes ... it hurt, of course.

Anyway, she didn't say it was a reason for concern so I didn't bother asking what it was and decided that it was probably just one of the many annoying problems of my skin.

Earlier, I got curious and did a bit of research. Apparently it's not called "Cholesterol Deposits" for nothing. Having those spots signify high cholesterol / blood sugar levels. Freaked me out so much! I mean, I've NEVER had issues with cholesterol or blood sugar levels, so now I'm worried.

Anyone else deals with this? And if you have, does it accurately represent that you have high cholesterol/blood sugar levels? Would really appreciate some feedback.

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Re: Cholesterol Deposits

Post by taxico » Tue, 11 Jul 2017 3:23 pm

go get your blood work done.

the end.
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