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Bird Nest

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Bird Nest

Postby Guest » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:57 pm

Bird Nest


Does anyone have some info about bird nest?

I got into discussion about birdnest with someone. Basically, I remember from some information I obtained many years ago that goes like this:

1. first nest is nicely built, because the swiftlets were making a good nest. This is the white birdnest (the most common one)
2. However, if their first nest is stolen, the next nest will not be as good. The birds try to make one quickly and will mix feathers and straws into it. This is black birdnest (low quality one)
3. If their second nest is stolen again, they become desperate now because they are about to lay eggs. They try to spit more saliva, but because they have used up so much in the previous 2 nests, they start to spit blood out. The blood nest is considered the best in Chinese medicine.

Is this correct? Does anyone know of any info on the web that I can refer this to?

I don't take birdnest and I'm not concerned about the quality of the nest, but rather, it is seems rather cruel way of getting blood birdnest.

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