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Need advice for online business

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Need advice for online business

Postby Beena » Sun, 18 Jun 2017 11:55 am

Hi I really need advice on this but before I state anything let me give you briefing regarding the situation
I am singapore citizen, we have registered company with ACRA,
Now I want to start small cap online business , I have product my site is going to be ready and I have customer base too. I have product goods as well as digital goods too. So all those things all set but the confusion I have is

My product like books and all will be manufactured in India and my customer would be around the globe . I have my family in India to handle things there

I don't want to ship things in singapore because it would be like additional shipping cost and plus I don't have man power here to manage shipping from here but from India it's manageable
But selling would be done from here singapore that's sure so what should I do?

How to set up the billing process , I learnt that for small out of scope business GST is not imply but how to business keeping India as wearHouse

How do I register or connect that part with my current company should I employ my Sister or should I make them partner and they handling shipping for me how to manage money in that case
In India how to show that income though I know there also below certain income you don't need to show anything
But before I start anything I want to do everything with perfect ground work so no problem in future and that's why I am looking for proper solution

If anyone have some experience in this setup please let me know I can mail them too thanks a lot
Hope I am not confusing things and clear enough

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