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taiwan starclinic, 方穎涵醫生

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taiwan starclinic, 方穎涵醫生

Postby dumbii » Tue, 11 Apr 2017 1:17 am

hi, am planning on going to taiwan starclinic to have double eyelid surgery done.. has chatted with staff from starclinic, using LINE, and was assign to 方穎涵醫生.. has been trying soo hard to google for info, but other then a down side news saying 方穎涵醫生 screwed up a laser procedure ( ... /36345493/), else, cant seem to find till any others news/post/blog online nor e picture of 方穎涵醫生 mentioning on e news. has seen blog post by starclinic mentioning that 方穎涵醫生 is patient and naise tho. wondering, if its e same 方穎涵醫生 or if its just coincidence that both surgeon having e same name?

does anyone here recently went to starclinic for e double eyelid surgery and also being assign to 方穎涵醫生 from starclinic, or does anyone here know or heard bout anythings bout 方穎涵醫生 from starclinic?

had been seeing post mentioning thats lots of pple from overseas are being assign to 陳翰儒醫生 for eyelid surgery, and many are pleased with e result done by him, saying he's good. wondering, if its okaes if irequest for another surgeon, other from e one assign by e staff?

please help as ineeda advice.. thanks..

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