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Questions on Creatinine & eGFR Levels

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Questions on Creatinine & eGFR Levels

Post by kevintan12 » Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:43 pm

Hi, any feedback on this will be appreciated. Especially if some bros have some knowledge and have gone through this.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. There are 3 major narrowings in my heart's arteries. This was found out from an Angiogram procedure on 9 March. Before the Angiogram, they took a blood test and determined that my Creatinine levels were 87. Thereafter, they put in on a cocktail of meds for high blood, cholesterol, blood thinner and water pill as the CAD gave me Pulmonary Edema (Water in the lungs).

Fast forward 1 week, as I prepared for my stent op (Angioplasty), I took another test. The Creatinine levels increased to 127. During the week as I experienced water in the lungs, I cut my water consumption quite a bit, maybe to less than 1 liter. Went to polyclinic the following day and doc said that I may be dehydrated. So asked me to drink 4 small glasses of water, wait 30 minutes and then take another blood test. Result came in and Creatinine levels becamse 126.

2 days later, cardiologists asked to take another blood test. So altogether 4 days later from 127 reading. This time levels were 115 which is within the reference range.

Also since the first test, my eGFR levels were 53, 58 and finally 59. 1 short of the passing mark.

Does anyone have any feedback on the following:
1. Does this look normal?
2. After hydrating, the reduction in Creatinine from 127 to 115, is this normal?
3. eGFR of 59, is this ok?
4. With these readings, is it safe to go for the Angioplasty so that the kidneys will not be afffected by the dyes?
5. Fact that Creatinine levels are going down (4 days intervals) and eGFR going up, is this a good sign?

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

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