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planning jobs, and salary questions

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town planner

planning jobs, and salary questions

Postby town planner » Tue, 08 Feb 2005 5:49 pm

I'm coming to Singapore in a month and will be looking for a job. My husband is being transferred by his company, so we're 'settled' of sorts, but I would like to be able to work. I will have a dependent's pass.

I just graduated with a M.Sc. in Geography from a swiss university, specialising in town and rural planning, and I'm wondering what the job market situation is like for planners? Does anyone know? I am essentially looking for work experience, not necessarily a full-time permanent job (although that would be nice too). Do planning offices in Singapore offer internships/work experience contracts? My current work experience as a planner is my 3-month internship, plus the 9 months or so I spent working on my thesis.

Also, I've come across the URA (Urban Redevelopment Agency) and they have an online job application tool on their website. It wants me to list an expected monthly salary though, and I have no idea how much a graduate should be asking for? I don't want to set myself up to be cheated because I don't know anything, but I also don't want to just put any number and then be rejected for having too high expectations.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Financial Consultancy

Postby financialService » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:50 pm

Dear Town Planner,
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Re: planning jobs, and salary questions

Postby stephen12 » Fri, 18 Feb 2005 2:22 pm

The URA is a govenment agency. If they find you to be suitable, you'll be offered accordingly taking into consideration your experience and qualifications. It is unlikely they're out to give you a bad deal.

I believe you must have something to offer, something specific to their needs so that your chances of getting a job is better.

Young graduates starts at about Sing dollars 1,800. Masters holders at about SGD 2500. This is a guide. I think at this point getting an offer is more important than the salary. Once you get an offer, then you can discuss your requirement with them.

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Postby local » Sat, 19 Feb 2005 2:44 pm

Hi Townplanner

I am a traffic engineer and am quite familar with work related to town planning. All landplanning related stuff is done by the govt agencies in consultation with each other. Naturally, since we have such little space and thus landuse is carefully planned. Not usual for companies would employ staff on parttime basis but you can be quite sure if you take a full time job it would be on contract (usually 2 or 3 years)

Try the following

Government Jobs:
Jurong Town Corporation (JTC in short) - planning related to industries/commerial land
Housing Development Board (HDB)- planning on public housing
Land Transport Authority (LTA) - planning on roads/rails

Private Companies doing town planning related work:
Subana or HDBcorp (spin off from HDB)
Jurong Consultants (spin off from JTC)

All the best on the job search!!

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Postby local » Sat, 19 Feb 2005 3:03 pm

Hi Town Planner

Sorry to comment on the salary. You can aim as high as you like but most govt and semi-government companies have a pretty fixed benchmark on salary. But for an MSc in landplanning I think you can ask for between $3000-4000 a month. Bonuses are in the range of 2-3 mths but usually after 1 year's work (when your proformance would be assessed) or prorated.

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