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Health tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Health tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Postby TCM » Tue, 08 Feb 2005 5:47 pm

Health tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Live to achieve health according to the seasons.

Do not eat too early (before 8am).

Eat soft fruit with grains for breakfast.

Do Qi (energy) exercises in the morning, i.e. Qigong, tai ji, face/gum massage, click teeth for kidneys.

Keep mouth closed when having a bowel movement.

Keep teeth together during urination (helps keep Essence from escaping when orifice is open, i.e. ‘pee shivers’ which are more common in males).

Massage ears when stressed.

Breathing exercises should be a daily occurrence to help detoxify & replenish energy.

Physical exercises should be performed in the afternoon or evening.

The best time for bowel movements is early in the morning (between 5-9am).

Spend more time combing hair to prevent headache & insomnia.

Do large circles with your eyeballs to keep vision.

Swallow saliva, do not spit it out, this can tonify digestion.

Always keep back warm to protect Yang Qi.

Rub abdomen habitually to regulate stomach Qi (digestion).

When meditating, keep mouth & anal sphincter lightly contracted.

Move & stretch joints regularly to keep mobility.

Use warm hands or dry brush to rub the entire body to keep circulation healthy.

Wu Nan – 5 things that shorten life:

1. Excess drive towards fame & fortune.

2. Too much anger &/or joy.

3. Anything related to reproduction in excess, i.e. sex, births, abortion, miscarriage.

4. Poor diet.

5. Over-thinking, pensiveness, not taking time to shut your mind off, take breaks.

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Postby Bubbles » Wed, 09 Feb 2005 12:33 am

Very interesting, but slightly weird. I'll give some a try.

(lots of refs to urination and bowel movements tho....!!!!)

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Postby Sonus » Wed, 09 Feb 2005 8:19 pm

Most important is drink lots of water everyday. :wink:

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