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CIS Lakeside vs Dulwich vs SAIS vs Etonhouse Thomson vs Tanglin ... too many choices

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CIS Lakeside vs Dulwich vs SAIS vs Etonhouse Thomson vs Tanglin ... too many choices

Post by IrishMammy » Sat, 18 Feb 2017 1:03 am

We are having a hard time narrowing down schools for our LO. He is almost 2 years old and we would like to send him somewhere at 3 years of age. Both my husband and I are academics and would like the school to be rigorous but also "wholesome". Our lo is very active, eager to try new things and likes to do things himself. A great explorer and very determined. We do not want a school that will stifle this, but rather one that will nurture it. A synopsis of our issues or plus points of the schools

Cis Lakeside: problem is it felt very industrial. Grey unfinished ceilings etc. Also far out. Plus points were that it accepts age based from
Jan to Dec so our November born lo won't lose a year. Good Ib marks and been around for 26 years.
- it seemed to have a lot of Chinese/Asians?

SAIS: recently looked up cognita and while scandal of a teacher and sexual abuse back in 2008 in U.K. Freaked me out and wonder how their hiring policies have changed. Love the school facilities and also the mock of the new early years centre building. Just worried about academic rigour as ib scores not great and people seem to worry about secondary school

Dulwich: child will have to stay back a year due to birth month. No exception or assessment offered. Far out. Relatively new school. Heard rumours of pompousness. Etc.

Etonhouse: very expensive. Worried it lacks academic readiness. But love the space and layout.

Any really bad or really good things i need to consider? What to watch out for.

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