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PR Chances - Feb 2017

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Re: PR Chances - Feb 2017

Post by ChanL » Fri, 01 Dec 2017 11:42 am

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I just got a email reply from ICA. 2 Weeks ago, we asked if we missed any document thats why it has been pending for so long..

Today, they just replied the standard.. will be contacting you by post soon...

Now we're really gonna check the ienquiry & mailbox daily... Dont know asking is good or bad..

Its December, month of giving.. Hopefully, its a big xmas gift..

**********New updates ***** Edited
So on 5 Dec 17, we rec'd a letter from ICA. Indeed they mail us soon, the letter dated on 1 Dec. Its a letter asking us to fill up form 4 and submit, together with the latest payslip and letter from employer.. Now, im worried that being married & changing to LTVP = re-submission of application form = re-queuing. Im not sure how, but yeah.. I hope its not a re-submission. ):

The letter stated that we only got 2 week to walk-in ICA for submission.

Anyone in similar situation? We have gotten a new ref which is ICA/ENT/******

Positive or Negative ah?

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