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Need advice about finding job (architect or construction?)

Posted: Sun, 05 Feb 2017 1:33 pm
by rucio_chen
Hello all!

I really need your advice.

I have a BS in Civil Engineering from Taiwan, a Master's degree (Architectural Engineering) from Italy and only one year experience working in an architecture firm (plus some internship. I already known that none of above can really consider a plus).

Now I am considering finding a job in Singapore ( I have done this after graduated, but no reply of course..).

I asked my friend who is a Malaysian Chinese working in a big architecture firm, she said the environment of design industry is super harsh, not to mention finding a job especially for a entry level position.

I am wondering which job position will be my best bet and relatively easier for me to land a job in Singapore, graduate architect or project engineer? Any related suggestion appreciated!

Thank you