Endocrinologist/autoimmune/thyroid-Dr needed-advice please

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Endocrinologist/autoimmune/thyroid-Dr needed-advice please

Post by Alexis23 » Wed, 18 Jan 2017 4:39 pm

Hello all,

I have just moved to Singapore- 6 days in with my husband!

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of or recommendations of a Doctor who specialises in autoimmune conditions.I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in November last year- and didn't have chance to get it sorted properly before we left.

I am looking for a 'holistic' Doctor, i.e. someone who is open to impact of diet and encourages patient self management. I am keen to fix it, rather than just take medication.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you all


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Re: Endocrinologist/autoimmune/thyroid-Dr needed-advice please

Post by MarthaWoon » Tue, 04 Sep 2018 5:19 pm

Hi Alex, can I just recommend Prof/Dr Christopher Goh of Mount Elizabeth. He is an expert in thyroid cases and the one who helped my father cure his thryoi lump. I think Dr Goh is also an expert not jus on thyroids but also on otherareas like ENT.

Hope this helps hehe :D :D :D :D

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