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Singapore PR application. Dilemma. Passports and particulars.

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Singapore PR application. Dilemma. Passports and particulars.

Post by Charliezhang » Wed, 11 Jan 2017 5:00 pm

Dear Readers,

I am in Singapore as an Employment Pass (EP) expat for the past several years, and thought it's about time I apply for a PR of Singapore now that I am about to settle here.

As I was filling the form, I saw one question that may not affect most people. i.e.: Have you ever entered Singapore using other passports AND different particulars?
What's the objective of this question? I hope people who know about this won't mind sharing the knowledge / experience on it.

I hold two passports (UK & Canada) and both passports have same particulars. i.e.: name, dob, place of birth.
My current EP is with Canadian Passport.
I used my British Passport to enter Singapore a while ago as tourist. So, surely the ID was somehow kept in the database.

I recently went to Malaysia with my Canadian passport and showed my EP card, the Immigration officer questioned my British passport because I used it a while ago. Although it should be irrelevant, as both passports have the same Name, DOB, etc.
As I know, crossing borders should be fine, as long as one enters and leave the country with the same passport.

Revert to the SG PR application, should the answer be YES or NO ?
Yes to the other passport
No to the different particulars
Both answers seem contradictory / incorrect. :???: ](*,) :mad:

Kindly share / advise.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Singapore PR application. Dilemma. Passports and particulars.

Post by brian_singapore » Wed, 11 Jan 2017 5:17 pm

There are a number of reasons to ask that question:
1) As with your situation, you have multiple passports
2) You may have entered with expired passports
3) You may have changed your name (for example, through marriage) from a previous passport.

Your situation is almost 100% identical to our own PR application. We listed both of our passports and had our application approved.

The answer is yes - your particulars include nationality and your passport number. These will have been different.

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