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PR Chances and timing

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Re: PR Chances and timing

Post by cittakaro » Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:08 am

acmk wrote:
cittakaro wrote:Malaysia does not recognize dual citizenship. If your husband convert to Singaporean and you deliver your baby here, your baby can have two passport (Singapore,Malaysia). But if the Malaysia gov knows that your baby has Singapore passport, they will revoke baby's Malaysia Nationality.
Actually I recently wrote in to JPN to ask, they confirmed that minors can have dual citizenship and have to choose at 21. Officially one can only renounce citizenship (whether MY or SG) only after reaching 21yo.
Actually not all JPN Officers know the regulation. I asked Johor JPN, and they said it's not allowed even for children.

Article 24(1) of the Federal Constitution :
Any citizen who acquired the citizenship of another country has to give up his or her Malaysian citizenship at the National Registration Department under Article 23 of the Federal Constitution.

This article does not mention age, so I think apply to children too. Just be careful when using multiple passport in Malaysia.

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