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Import permit requirements for individual's possessions

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Import permit requirements for individual's possessions

Post by randomdude » Thu, 29 Dec 2016 8:40 am

Hi all.
I moved to Singapore about 15 months ago, and only now do I want to move some of my possessions over with me. In particular, I have two "server" style computers that I'd like to bring over. They're for my own use, I'm not a business - can anyone give me any advice on how to obtain an import permit? I understand I'll have to pay GST on my imports, since its been more than 6 months since I moved over.

DHL advises to register with the "Registry of Companies and Businesses" - but I'm not a company, so do I need to do that? advises that I (as an individual) need a UEN, but the site advises that these are not issued to individuals. Can I register for TradeNet without a UEN? Sorry to ask such questions, but I'm really super-confused!

... alternatively, if anyone can suggest a company that'll do all this for me (shipping one half-pallet from England), it sounds like it'd be easier to pay someone else to do it, as long as it's not too much - I'm looking at around the 150 GBP mark for just shipping the pallet at the moment.

Thanks for any help.

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