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Posted: Sat, 26 Nov 2016 2:03 am
by IlyaB
Hi everyone. I have lived here for a month already. Arrived for long term.
But faced with real bad feeling of culture shock. No, I am ok: job, happines, new experience. Everything is perfect. I have even found all facilities I need for life. But local culture will never accept me as is. I will be always "white" here. Understanding this, I decided to write here, to share problem and maybe to find any solution together. Because I like Singapore, I want to live here for long term but for now I got stucked, I don't know how to live further (except simple robot-job behaviour, thats I know how); ).
I probably need some expat friends who feels the same, who at least doesn't say me you are "strange" because they are "strange" as well. Or maybe they are more experienced here and say me how not to be "strange". But I don't want to be in isolation anymore. I want to find my own way here.
Thank you)
Just in case, I am russian, if it does matter)