Helpless !!

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Helpless !!

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I thought of sharing an incident that was faced by my sis family with the MOM.

My sis had a maid who worked for 6 years plus. No issues. All were good for both the parties. Infact most of our relatives envied my sis for having such a good maid.

My sis has ever visited the maid home town, brought her for holidays and as I said all was good.

My sister and our family were overseas for 45 days and the very next day of our return, Out of the blue the maid went missing. She left the phone that was given to her, locked the keys and threw them inside the house and left the house.

Later my bro n law discovered that she was not at home and called her on the hp. The phone was in the kitchen ringing and her set of keys on the floor.

Later Informed my sis who was sleeping.

My bro in law went around the vicinity to look for her as this is not her usual self of leaving home without informing especially leaving her keys at home.

But only discovered her green card on the path Way.

Knowing that something is a miss bro in law returned home only to hear from my sis that her jewels are missing too.

They made a police report.

Thereafter the couple came home and searched maids cupboards and drawers and found out a few men's numbers and they started to call the Num. The men denied knowing the maid. However They found out that the men are living as a paying guest at the very next block itself.

Moreover many notes on how to jump start her periods etc were found too.

No news the whole day. The next day they received a call from the MOM.

They have informed that the maid was there and she wished to get back to her home and wants to take her things and to settle the outstanding.

My bro in law informed that they have no outstanding with the maid and she should've as well informed us on her interest to leave home. However my bro in law has mentioned that she has ran away with the jewels and there is a police case. However at that point of time my bro in law did not doubt the file that has the ledgers for salary payment that was signed by both parties was not at home.

After a week when my sis decided to reach the maid family she has looked for the file which contains every details of the current maid and the previous maid. It was not to be found and police report was made imme.

After one month the MOM reached my bro in law again. This time he had come for a home visit.

Now they had reached saying that she has a claim of 5 years payment not made.

The couple clearly stated that her pay was every month between 11th to 14th.

After a few days they received a letter stating that the maid was never paid at all through out her employment.

Later they asked the couple to attend the interview and both of them went to attend the interview in separate dates at the MOM office and was told that the couple is with holding the Salary.

They have also mentioned that the maid ran away from home Coz she had no access to phones and the maid mother has fallen sick and that's why she ran away.

However the same officer at his first visit to my sister house has mentioned that she ran away from the house Coz people in the maid home town assume that she is dead.

However neighbors have seen the maud using phone 24/7 standing in the balcony.

When the MOM was questioned as to why there are so many versions of allegations and the reason for the maid to run away is not justified they paid no heeds to my bro in law queries.

My bro in law works for the army. He was the first to complete the interview with MOM. But even after completing the interview the MOM has sent a letter a week later to the army head quarters stating that he has not been cooperating to attend the interview. Which is a lie.

The amount of evidence that was given to the MOM on the maids fishy act has never been taken into account by them.

The maid has been to her home town for holidays and returned back to my sis house for work and repeatedly renewed the permit.

The MOM confirms that the maid had walked into their office with two men who are the same men living at the next block.

It is so obvious that the maid has ran away with the men and has also removed the file and she is making different allegations which is not true.

As of now there are four allegations :

(1) Maid do not know the outstanding amount

(2) Maid claims five years

(3) Maid claims that she was not paid at all

(4) Maid claims that the employer is safe keeping

If the MOM is questioned on this they have no answer to give.


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