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Advise needed for application ICA related matters

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Advise needed for application ICA related matters

Postby Ed555 » Wed, 12 Oct 2016 9:41 am

Hi all , i need some kind souls out here who have to same problems as me before to advise me on what to do next. Im a local singaporean who have a thai wife whom have just approve by ICA getting a LTVP plus pass. We have a newborn baby who is already a singaporean citizen. Now we are intending to bring her toddler who is 4 years old over to stay with us long term in singapore but her toddler is the baby with her previous marriage. And her previous marriage is already officially divorce and also she have the thai documents stating that this baby is solely being take care by her personally which means that her ex hubby have no rights with this baby anymore. But the only problem is this toddler is not officially related to me but im officially married to her mother.

So im asking does anyone knows what i should do to be able to apply for her toddler to come stay long term in singapore ? Which are pass that i should apply for ? Long term pass or dependent pass ? And what are the documents needed for this application ?

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Re: Advise needed for application ICA related matters

Postby PNGMK » Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:19 am

LTVP. Docs suggested include court order of custody, divorce certificate, birth cert for both, ID/Passports for both. They need to be officially translated into English. Have fun. You can do it but it takes time.
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