Applying for PR Again

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Re: Applying for PR Again

Post by brian_singapore » Wed, 11 Jan 2017 6:32 pm

Start of a new year, quotas reset maybe?

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Re: Applying for PR Again

Post by Barnsley » Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:48 am

dynoto wrote:
sundaymorningstaple wrote:We are seeing quite a spat of approvals in the last couple of months. Especially non-cookie cutter applications. I'm wondering if things might be turning around what with the GDP disappearing down the toilet and the outlook rather poor. In any case, I'm glad I was wrong on this one. Congratulations.
speaking about this, my other two friends also have their PR's approved .. this month and last month

not sure if its just coincidence or ICA happened to have a surplus of quotas to be fulfilled or something else
Maybe a few folks with a similar profile to yourself have packed their bags and left thus opening up a few slots for similar peeps :)

Or the Govt might want you to go and get the Terrex APC's back from Hong Kong :mrgreen:
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Re: Applying for PR Again

Post by daveco23 » Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:35 am

Thanks SMS, that's great insight.
I've no problem with the initial two-year NS, it's the fact that up until they age of 40, wherever he is in the world, he can be called back up for retraining or whatever else is deemed necessary to mobilize. We want to stay here for a very long time, but I wouldn't force that on my kids when they reach 21 and decide they want to live somewhere else, only to have the circumstances we put them in come back and bite them on the ass. I know they could always renounce citizenship after NS, but then, if they DO want to come back in the future then that will also cause issues... Rock, meet Hard Place....

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Re: Applying for PR Again

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 12 Jan 2017 12:31 pm

Little tale worthy of some thought. I have first-hand knowledge of it as it has transpired within my company at the highest level and 8 years go I told this 'father' what was going to happen. Sad to say it has. Father is SG, mother is European SGPR, 2 children - 1 girl & 1boy. F worked in UK for over 2 decades before returning to SG. Both children born in the west with western citizenship. Upon return to SG (wife & daughter obtained PR), Both children put into Int'l schools. Daughter no issue. Son put in school on Student Visa and retained non-PR status. Both went to university in the west and upon graduation, both returned to SG. However, daughter has PR, no problem, but as they now are age of majority, PR must be acquired on own merits. Son cannot apply as while he's lived here he's never done NS nor worked here and was only a student and also cannot get EP. We've tried several times. Rejection comes back with "Unresolved issues with CMPB". ICA knows what the father has done and now the kid is paying for it. He can get an occasional SVP but cannot even get an LTVP. Fortunately, we also have another company in a nearby country so he's been made the MD of that company where he has no issue staying for an extended period.

Be careful of what you do. If you son does NS, he can always give up his PR later (and there will not be any issues with doing reservists duties from what I understand if he does give it up - but will probably not get PR again - EP is not an issue if he otherwise qualifies). But take up PR and then give it up before doing NS will be the kiss of death for him in Singapore as the ICA has a very, very long memory. Having said that, the connections he will make in NS will last a lifetime either here or overseas. NS men have a special bond and it is a rite of passage all should go through.

My advice, think very carefully.Good Luck and hope he doesn't find a girlfriend here and get hung out to dry because of a bad decision on his behalf made by the parents, if you get my drift. ;-)
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